Libertad [Spanish]
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Libertad [Spanish]
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Released: 16 Nov 2002 UK, 05 May 2003 US

Highest Chart Position: N/A

Catalogue: FURYCD6

Format: CD

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Notes: The lyrics on this album were rerecorded in Spanish by Martin Smith ('Libertad' is Spanish for 'Freedom'). The songs originally appeared in English on the Cutting Edge albums. Two slightly different album covers exist with differing logos.

  1. Preparen El Camino (Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?)
  2. Cantare de tu Amor por Siempre (I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever)
  3. Tengo A Cristo (I've Found Jesus)
  4. Grande Es El Senor (Thank You For Saving Me)
  5. Cantaria Sin Parar (The Happy Song)
  6. Dios es Amor (King Of Love)
  7. El Mensaje de La Cruz (Message Of The Cross)
  8. Griten al Norte (Shout To The North)
  9. Tuyo Es Mi Corazon (Lord You Have My Heart)
  10. En El Rio Me Encuentras (Find Me In The River)
  11. No Me Averguenzo (I'm Not Ashamed)
  12. Obsesion (Obsession)

All songs written by Martin Smith �1993-2001 Curious? Music UK
Fotograf Mitch Jenkins. Production de voces en Espanol: Armando Allen y Alejandro Allen. Voces en Espanol grabadas en: la casa de Martin Smith, Inglaterra, The Box Studio, Nashville, TN. Voces en Espanol grabadas por: Armando Allen y Alejandro Allen. Caros: Cathy Burton, Susana Allen, Melody Tunney y Abel Orta. Caros de Ninos: Whitney Tunney, Kelsey Tunney, Melody Tunney y Susana Allen. Grebado y mezclado por Martin Smith en Esselle Studios, Brighton, UK. Masterizado por Adam Nunn en Abbey Rd Studios, London, UK.
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