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 Press Releases & Mailings
Delirious? In The Charts... Right Now!
Last modified: 31 Mar 2010

Artist: Delirious?
Single: HistoryMaker
Date: Available 28th March to 3rd April
Format: Download only

Whoever said that Facebook was a waste of time? A couple of months ago a whole bunch of Delirious? fans started talking about how great it would be if this Easter there could be a song up there in the charts that raised the flag for faith in Jesus. They asked us to help out, and right now the charts are buzzing with the sight of HistoryMaker heading up there.
So far HistoryMakers - the single is up at number 6 in the charts. If we spread the word who knows where it'll be by the time we're at Easter Saturday?

Delirious? will be donating their profits from the UK single downloads to Compassionart projects that bring relief from poverty where it is needed most.

With the original studio version and a live take recorded at the band's final gig last November, there's still time to buy one - or both. They're just 79p, and iTunes is ready to take your order.

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