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 Press Releases & Mailings
Delirious?: the End of the Road (with a little detour for God TV)
Last modified: 16 Dec 2009

Sunday 29th November and five thousand fans were wedged into a sold out HMV Hammersmith Apollo, ready to see history get made as a seventeen year voyage of worship discovery drew to a close. This was the final gig for Delirious, and there could hardly have been a better celebration of all that God has done.

24 hours later, Martin Smith had this to say:

"What can I say? It was awesome, sad, happy, definitive. One can never correctly adjudicate ones emotions at times like this but I feel at peace. I feel joy. I feel like I've completed an assignment."

And what an assignment it was. A Dove Award-winning, Grammy nominated, RIAA Certified Gold-selling assignment. Delirious helped score a whole new soundtrack for the church around the world, bringing honesty, passion, intimacy and heavenly pride back to the church and beyond.

And it's not quite over yet...

Next Spring will see the release of the full-length DVD of that final concert, featuring an exclusive on the road documentary. But before that is the exciting news that GOD TV have cleared the schedules for a three-hour 'Delirious? Night' on Sunday 27th December, with a repeat on Monday 28th December. What a night it will be; featuring footage from the final gig, behind the scenes interviews and a top ten countdown of the greatest Delirious? songs of all time, voted for by fans taking part in an online poll.

GOD TV co-founder and Director of Television, Wendy Alec had this to say:

"We at GOD TV want to commend the band members for all they have done and especially for the many lives they have helped bring into the Kingdom of God. I have no doubt their music will continue to impact people across the globe for many years to come."

But that's not the complete story. The truth about Delirious is that it never was about the band. It never was about the gigs. It never even was about the songs. It was always, and only, ever about the people. They were the historymakers, they were the ones who put the actions to the songs, they were the ones who lived their faith out loud.

And they are the ones who take the story now and make it their own.

"Fabula Est Vestri," says Martin. "The story is yours. It always has been about you; ordinary but extraordinary people who joined together across denominations, against our prejudices, our fears. People who have stood together in the face of adversity."

"And WE have become a voice that speaks out for the oppressed, for those who do not have a voice. We too became a voice that sings 'God' songs that shake the earth. And friends, we will continue to shake the earth. Just never stop singing."

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