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 Press Releases & Mailings
Delirious? Announce Support Act For Final Tour
Last modified: 28 Sep 2009

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Sparrow Records
Date: 28 Sep 2009

Either there's been a change of heart or a change of plan within the Delirious? camp. Having previously decided that they were going to carry their farewell tour themselves - choosing to perform each night for as long as possible without a support act - all that now seems to have changed. Today Delirious? have announced that they will share the stage for their final ever performances around the UK with a band from whom nobody has heard a whisper since 1996. Their name? The Cutting Edge Band.

Made up of five eccentrically-hairstyled young men, The Cutting Edge Band made a name for itself back in the early nineties, despite only ever playing in sports halls and on village greens. Theirs was a raw, God-drenched message, one that shouted 'I'm Not Ashamed Of The Gospel' with undeniable force. Theirs was a delicate form of intimacy, one that talked about singing of God's love forever, of being found in the river, of obsessions and a sound that was louder than the radio.

Says Delirious? front man Martin Smith, 'The Cutting Edge Band had something special about it. I remember the days clearly; there would be an atmosphere that you could cut with a knife as those evenings of abandoned worship bled into the night. There was a feeling that anything could happen, and most of the time it did.'

With tracks like 'Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble', 'Lord You Have My Heart' and 'The Crucible For Silver' - not to mention 'The Happy Song' - The Cutting Edge Band built up a reputation as a group who had plenty to say, and a hundred different ways in which to say it.

But what about returning to the stage after such a long absence? How do they feel about it? Nobody from the band was available for comment, but when pressed Martin did have this to say:

'They'll be fine. They might be a little rusty and nervous, but if you can get passed the bad hair and the weird clothes you'll find a band who laid the foundations for everything that Delirious went on to become. Without The Cutting Edge Band, Delirious simply would never have come into being. Having The Cutting Edge Band open for Delirious each night of our farewell tour makes perfect sense: it pays tribute to the past and lays the foundation of upfront worship that we were built on.'

Tickets for the six date tour are selling stronger than ever - with the London date already sold out.

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