Delirious? Update (Mezzamorphis Quotes)
Last modified: 26 Jul 1999

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 26 Jul 1999

What The Papers Say
Having been captured on an away mission to the national charts, the Delirious? specimen has been spread out under the microscope as the classification process has begun. Some say indie-pop, while others say stadium only, but they all agree on one thing - a Delirious? outbreak is imminent.

According to their press this lot have shifted more than 200,000 units in 12 months, now the boys down MFI sell kitchens quick - but that will take some beating. If this guitar-driven album gets the success it deserves, they could give up the day job all together
The Source (Sun Supplement) May 6 99

Big-sounding, crowd-pleasing tuneful indie
The Independent

With a very sophisticated official website and more than 200 unofficial ones are Delirious? concerned that all their fans are Net nerds?

Classic singalong guitar pop
Maxim May 99

Stadium Indie
The Sun 21st May

Something of a rarity this is a Christian band who are neither celtic or crap
Q June 99

Mezzamorphis will be the album that makes them
Q June 99

Delirious? are the proverbial exception which proves the rule: evangelical Christians capable of producing music with a universal appeal
Uncut June 99

If there's any justice in the world their new album Mezzamorphis will follow its predecessor into the Top 20
Rock Sound May 99

Delirious? have had two Top 20 singles and their last album entered the charts at number 13. They're British yet they've sold 250,000 records in the States. They've sold out Brixton Academy and Glasgow Barrowlands, so why haven't you heard of them?
Rock Sound 'Rising Stars' May 99 (double page feature)

It's music deserving of a widespread acceptance. Principal songwriters Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard have crafted a solid set of tunes with a more aggressive modern edge than their previous efforts
Billboard Spotlight June 19

What The Punters Say
The band have been up to their old tricks again; treating fans with luxuriously sweaty gigs. With visuals that re-fuel the songs mid-flight and crowd-created atmospheres of pure delight, the band twist, thrash and blow-torch their way through material that beds down deep inside. Wide-eyed are the stares from the crowd, with big smiles coming back from the stage - not that they've been trained that way, more that playing live is what Delirious? love best, and they show it.
June ended with a two-weeker that took the Littlehampton five-piece around America playing to over 80,000. They flew back via a gig at Ajax Stadium, Holland - where 55,000 went mad for a bit of d:light. Finally, before getting back home they found themselves mainstage at Glastonbury, playing for a few old friends and thousands of new ones. The shape of things to come?
Right now the band are on the second leg of their US tour estimated at taking them to a total audience of 85,000 - including trips to CMJ Showcase, NYC and a midwest conclave performance.

What The Charts Say
The band have never been shy to release material, and with each product the buzz increases as the band play it the old way - building up their fanbase on the road and reaching new ones through tube and dial. So far 99's releases are as follows:

Mezzamorphis release:
UK #25, #2 Indie Charts
USA #1 CCM, #5 Billboard Heatseeker
Gravity (First US single) #5 most added CMJ AAA, #7 most added CMJ Top 200, #83 debut @ CMJ
See The Star (First UK single) #16, #2 Indie Charts

What They Say About Christianity It's no secret that the band are all Christians, and it's clear that their faith is central to all they do. Of course this has brought them criticism from time to time - occasionally from the press - who think the band are out to condemn everyone - and at other times from Christians - who are worried that the band are selling out. They're not doing either, but through the discussions and comments there have been some good things said. 'I'm not backing down' sings Martin. From where? You decide:

In my opinion, purity is all about bringing justice to a God-less society. I am not ashamed to talk openly about the fact that the boys and I are all Christians and believe in all that Christ stood for
Martin Smith July 99

To go back to what we were doing musically would bring death to the creativity, not perhaps for a few years but definitely in the future. Hence, "If I go they say I'm wrong, if I stay there'll be no song"
Martin Smith July 99

Response to letter accusing Delirious? of "selling their souls"
"God still very much informs what they do"
Rock Sound letters July 99

The songs come from a place of worship within us. We have a vertical relationship with God. We definitely think that worship is a lifestyle that affects everything you do, rather than a style of music
Christian Musician June 99

As well as being a great collection of songs, it's a brilliantly played and well paced album
Soul Survivor July 99

The Christianity is forceful rather than force-fed
Q Mag June 99

This band can fill Brixton Academy but Radio 1 won't play them. Is it because they're Christians?
Q Mag July 99 Headline

Their formula of Radiohead with added peace and Christian love could potentially be very popular
Melody Maker June 99

Delirious? is about invading the culture, grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and saying "we're here to stay"
Parachute (New Zealand)

For more information please contact Furious? Records
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West Sussex BN17 5SZ
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