HistoryMakers - Greatest Hits
Last modified: 25 Sep 2009

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Sparrow Records
Date: 25 Sep 2009

Album: HistoryMakers - Greatest Hits
Release: 6th November 2009
Format: CD and DVD

What A Day It Has Been!

This Delirious story was never meant to be predictable. It was always only ever about 'taking it wherever it goes': responding to whatever it was God was doing through music that abandoned itself to Him. From those first days when the slogan started to make sense, Delirious have left a trail of question marks wherever they have gone.

But now the story ends. Or, rather, it changes hands. These are the days when the historymakers take the journey out themselves. The soundtrack splits and goes with them, wherever they go.

And so here comes the announcement about the release of the ultimate Delirious parting gift: the HistoryMakers Greatest Hits. In the cd-only format, fans get a thirteen-strong album that absolutely hums with energy. From Obsession to Rain Down, Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble to Our God Reigns, including - of course - HistoryMaker, an incredible career is celebrated in style.

And then there's the limited edition. Add in another cd with another fifteen classic tracks (Deeper, Investigate, It's OK), a DVD featuring every one of the band's promo videos and a 58 page booklet that tells the story from beginning to end.

The band's six-date farewell tour of the UK has already sold out in places, and the final days are proving to be every bit as loud and as full of purpose as the thousands that have gone before.

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