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Daily Telegraph Features Five Page Delirious? Article
Last modified: 30 Nov 2002

Daily Telegraph Features Five Page Delirious? Article One of the UK's most established broadsheet newspapers, the Daily Telegraph, has today (30th November) featured a five page article on Delirious? in their glossy Saturday magazine supplement. Titled "Let There Be Rock" the lengthy article follows the band during their concert in Dallas in October. Colour photos of the band on and off stage are included, along with several photos of the fans attending the concert.

The article, written for the Telegraph by Richard Grant, talks about the band's appeal in America as well as giving a background to how Delirious? were formed and a fascinating insight to their preparations for the concert. Describing their successes, the article says: "In the past 12 months they have played live to one million people in 10 different countries and sold two million albums. In America they have sold more than one million albums - more than Robbie Williams".

When interviewed about the apparent prejudices the band face as a result of their Christian beliefs, Delirious? manager Tony Patoto explains: "Obviously there's a level of frustration, but our response is to try and make better and better music, and sell more and more records, until we can't be ignored any longer".

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