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Looking Ahead To 2003 With Delirious?
Last modified: 29 Dec 2002

Looking Ahead To 2003 With Delirious? As 2002 comes to an end, Delirious? are already busy making plans for 2003. Having spent much of the last year on the road, touring in various countries, the band will spend the first couple of months of the new year in the studio working on a brand new album. The past few weeks have been spent writing songs and working on demos, and the band are said to be looking forward to starting work on their next album.

Recording and mixing the album will take several months, and it is expected that the UK release date will be towards the end of 2003. A UK Tour is also being planned to coincide with the album release. Delirious? are also putting together about 30 dates for their 'Spring US Tour 2003' during March, April and May to promote recent album 'Touch'. Support for the US tour has already been lined up in the form of US bands Everyone and All Star United and UK singer Cathy Burton.

Delirious? will also be featured in a live national American radio broadcast early next year as part of their promotions for 'Touch'. The North American release of their latest live album 'Access:d' (8th April) and Spanish album 'Libertad' (5th May) will also take place in 2003. In addition, there will be another trip to Australia for Delirious? in July 2003, when they travel down-under to perform at the Hillsong Conference.

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