Plans To Record New Studio Album Early In 2003
Last modified: 16 Dec 2002

Plans To Record New Studio Album Early In 2003 Delirious? may have only just released their latest album in America, but its been a while since their most recent new material, Audio Lessonover? was released in the UK back in August 2001. Despite spending nearly the whole of 2002 on tour, Delirious? are once again making preperations for their next album. In a recent round of interviews the band revealed that the writing process has already begun.

Speaking to Troika Music, Jon Thatcher explained their plans: "Between now and Christmas we're writing for a new project which we'll probably be recording in the beginning part of next year. That should be on the shelf middle to late next year and we'll be touring that as well." Martin told D-Tox Magazine that demoing has already begun, "I'm in a little studio working on some songs. We are very intent on making a good record again, one that really says something." When asked if they would be attempting to break into the pop charts again he explained: "It's our heart to do that, so I would think there will be some sort of conversation going on but it depends what songs come along."

While talking to Gospelsite Martin spoke of his hopes for the album. "I think we're still about to hit our peak and we just need to deliver the right record and the right songs. I think this is going to be our best album to date. We've got to tap into what we're good at and focus on that. Hopefully the next album will come out really strong." Damo Cross, the band's Roadie, said on the official Delirious? website: "The band are really excited about getting into the studio again and I think we can expect great things from the next album." will keep you posted when there is more news about the new album.

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