New Live Album 'Access:d' Has Now Been Released
Last modified: 30 Nov 2002

New Live Album 'Access:d' Has Now Been Released The brand new live album from Delirious? 'Access:d' has been released in the UK. It is available now from Christian bookshops, and in record stores from Monday. 'Access:d' is a double-CD album containing 20 of the band's best tracks performed live. The album comes complete in a special square metal can (see right) and has an extensive collection of photos included in the album booklet.

Describing how the album came about, Martin Smith said: "This album was recorded on location at various gigs around the world. The many master tapes then made themselves home where Stu, Tim and I then began the mammoth task of sorting through the hours and hours of Delirious? gig moments. Once we had the right songs and spontaneous moments it was then mixed over a period of 3 or 4 weeks."

This is the band's third live album, following on from 'd:Tour Live' (1998) and 'Live & In The Can' (1996). Highlights on the new album 'Access:d' include the updated 'punk' version of 'Happy Song', Stu G's solo performance of 'King of Fools' and the stunning 'Investigate'. 'Access:d' will be released in North America on 8th April 2003.

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